Powder Metal Parts - Perry Tool & Research, Inc.


The Perry Tool & Research Quality Assurance System is designed to ensure your parts will be manufactured with zero percent defects.


Process control is maintained by a statistically based pre-control system that detects any process deterioration before out of tolerance parts are produced.

Final Outgoing Inspection

The Perry Tool & Research statistical Quality Control System uses the following criteria prior to shipping your parts:

(1) +/- 3 Standard Deviations
(2) CPK 1.33 Minimum
(3) Z 4.00 Minimum

Measuring and Test Equipment Control

Calibration, calibration procedures, records, storage and handling are in accordance with MIL-STD-45662-A and / or ANSI/ASQC MI-1996 Calibration systems requirements.

Quality Assurance Manual

More detailed information on the above and on Incoming Inspection, New Part Development, Tooling, Customer Engineering Changes, Tool Maintenance, Repair & Internal Engineering Changes, Nonconforming Material, Packaging, Customer Communications and Work Documentation are all found in the Perry Tool & Research, Inc. Quality Assurance Manual.

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