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Self Lubricating Bearings

We specialize in bearings which are and are needed at a high production volume. We manufacture our self-lubricating bearings to the following specifications:

  Sleeve Bearings Flange Bearings "C" Bearings
Inside Diameter Tol: .0005 Tol: .0005 Tol: .0008
Outside Diameter Tol: .0005 Tol: .0005 Tol: .0008
Flange Diameter N/A Tol: .0010 N/A
Materials Bronze, Brass, Iron Bronze, Brass, Iron Bronze, Brass, Iron

See our materials tables for a list of materials and characteristics.

Our design and engineering staff can assist you on design solutions, material selection and tolerance considerations or answer any questions you may have. Call us at 510-782-9226 or email us.